Work in progress…What I’m currently working on with Leo…


Settle- go to mat and remain calm there for increasing time

Twist- clockwise turn following target stick (spin is anti-clockwise)

Touch–  different objects with his nose apart from palm eg target stick, post it note

Paw/shake– touch different objects with his paws apart from palm eg target stick, book, post it notes

Stay– increasing time. Moving around leo until behind him


Future projects-

Leave it- leave treats on his paws. Leave treats when fall on ground. Leaves things he is walking past

Stay when I move away so leo cant see me behind something

Figure of 8 around my legs

Roll over

Here- recall when he is off lead with zoomies (close enough to grab collar). recall when another dog is around (need trainer help with this??)

Drop it- release something in his mouth, up to something he has stolen or sees as his

Bow (front legs down)

Yoga stretch (back legs down)

Shoulder target

Chin target

Low down (lays down and puts head to floor)

Balance treat on his nose


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