nbn games

Games for ‘naughty but nice’ dogs to develop focus and want to be close to you off the lead.

After a stressful event dogs need 72 hrs for stress levels to return to normal


Add value to the bank account for their name (to counter all times you say their name annoyed!)

all eyes on me-  drop food on the floor, when dogs looks back up at you, mark or click. Make it a fun game! Eventually, add in command watch me.

i love my name game- hold dog back. Throw treat out away from you, as dog runs back to you say ‘Leo’. Then throw another piece of food out.

Add value to the bank account for staying close to YOU (not wanting to run off)

funder – throwing treats bet ween your legs away from you. Mark dog with ‘Leo’ when the turning back to you and running back to you. Then throw treat in the other direction, repeat. ONLY DO TEN to keep it short and interest high!

magic hands- hold hand upturned palm with some food in. Let one piece drop through your fingers. Aim for the tip of your dog’s nose. When the dog looks up drop the next bit. Keep it high energy and an excitable game!

muzzle training – touch nose onto hand. touch nose into cone, feed away to set up next action. Generalise by offering cone in different locations. Switch cone to a muzzle

boundaries –shape moving onto bed to lie down. Then settling on the bed with release cue ‘free’. Add distractions like moving toys, people walking/jogging past. Boundaries can be expanded to be

A to B – double ended lead attached to collar and harness. Slide hand down the lead towards the collar and turn around/move away. Add command ‘scoot!’. When dog feels your hand go down the lead it will become muscle memory to turn and run away. Use this to get away from a cow/person/kid in a hurry.

calmness– reward calm behaviour with treat and ‘niice’. If dog stays relaxed after giving the treat and doesn’t get up, go back and give another. IGNORE ALL ATTENTION SEEKING BEHAVIOUR to initiate play, attention etc.

DMT (Distraction- Mark-Treat)- First give treats when dog is calm and mark with ‘niice’. Every time a new distraction or fright appears, mark with ‘niice’ and reward with a treat. Reward new sounds & sights in everyday life…barks, clapping, yelling, tree shaking, bangs, umbrellas, kids, people, joggers, bikes, cows, horses, chickens, hats, hi-vis, melons. When dog is used to bangs in everyday life, he will have optimism about all bangs and will be less scared of fireworks once a year.

orient back to me- throw treats out and mark ‘yess’ when dog turns back to you (don’t mark half-hearted attempts!). Reward by throwing another treat out and repeat.

watch me- hold treat out to the side, mark and reward when dog looks back to you or keeps looking at your eyes. Then hold treat out and drop it, reward for dog looking back at you quickly from the treat

proximity vortex- dog on lead inside. Reward every time dog comes back close to your side. Also reward when dog is just inside and stays close to your leg.

peekaboo (middle)- hold dog back and hold food in front of your legs. Let dog get it. Then

whip it-

Distraction ideas

  • tennis ball on ground
  • person holding ball nearby
  • person standing still nearby (garden)
  • person standing still nearby (park)
  • person jogging past
  • person bending down towards leo
  • person speaking to leo
  • open gate in garden
  • another dog in distance
  • another dog closer
  • tasty food on floor (need to train this in leave it first!)
  • ….




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