Recall back to handler.

Reward highly each time

Do not call for a ‘punishment’ (coming in, bath, harness etc)


inside- will recall back

garden – will run in. Very occasionally wont if been a long time and he’s sniffing something.

walks (on lead)- will recall when 10-20 m away and no other dogs around. need to get attention first often


Hierarchy of distractions for desensitising him :

  • it has been a while since he checked in (try recalling after 1,2, 3 etc mins)
  • generally distracted by smells on wind or ground, esp in woods
  • in garden
  • on walk- walking along
  • on walk-smelling an area he wants to mark=totally in the zone
  • hears another dog or person
  • sees a person
  • sees another dog in distance
  • sees another dog closer by- will be focussed on that 100%



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