Putting both front feet up onto raised surface

Practised with slightly raised disc or frisbee (use dinner plate at home?). Leo could do this with raised disc well but struggled with flat frisbee. Try chunky book at home for a small step. Also get him to touch the step with his right paw (paw) and his left paw (shake).

Teaching him to touch left and right paws onto a target including your hand has now been taught. To avoid confusing him will work on up(both feet) once he has got paw and shake commands more solid and on verbal cue. 

Date: 17 May 2017

Location: lounge. Started offering just right paw, if he does this again focus on this (shake) as more difficult to get him to do, feet up will be easier and can do another time.

Hand signal: –

Verbal cue: just clicker (will be Up)

Treats: afterwards, let the dog work out what to do with the step to get rewarded

Distance: 0.5 m

Duration: –

Distraction: none



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