English heel method for longer dogs!  From in front of handler, dog walks behind their legs and sits on right side of handler. Means leo ends up much closer to my leg than trying to turn around by the side of me. Hand signal will be tapping right hip. While he’s learning, use finger to lead dog’s nose round correct position BEHIND legs and sit signal. Verbal cue is heel (for left side is with me/close?? tbc). Eventual hand signal will be just tapping right hip.

Leo does this enthusiastically in house and garden, occasionally get distracted and wanders off while on behind-legs part of the movement. Try in driveway in order to progrsss to heel on walks??

Date: 20 May 2017

Location: garden. Practised with other people asking him to heel, he would do it except occasionally while he is behind the legs he will get distracted and go sniff something!

Hand signal: tapping right hip

Verbal cue: heel

Treats: sardine cake or carrot after

Distance: 3-4m away

Duration: –

Distraction: low


Date: 15 May 2017

Location: garden and woods walk. does it very well in garden now. on middle of walk did one correctly, others needed prompting to go behind legs and then got distracted by smell when behind legs. maybe try bringing sardines to practice heel outside, he gets distracted by smells easily.

Hand signal: tap right hip

Verbal cue: heel as tap hip and heel as he sits down

Treats: HVT

Distance: from 3-4 m away

Duration: –

Distraction: none in garden, low med on walk


Date: 14 May 2017

Location: end of a woods walk outside

Hand signal: tap right hip. sometimes needed empty left hand to guide round legs when distracted by smells.

Verbal cue: heel as tapping and at end

Treats: HVT chicken at end

Distance: 3-5m away

Duration: –

Distraction: low-medium. sometimes distracted by sniffing whilst behind the legs, guided back round.


Date:  12 May 2017

Location:  lounge/garden

Hand signal: tap hip. dog now does whole sequence-goes around back of legs and sits -without directional guidance from left hand pointing behind legs.

Verbal cue: heel said as dog sits at end. started saying as tap hip

Treats: when sat at end by right leg

Distance: called from sit-stay 3-4 m away, or wandering around 3-4 m away

Duration: –

Distraction:  none-low, some toys around and ppl eating


Date:  May 2017

Location: lounge

Hand signal: tapped right hip. then pointed to floor by left leg (empty hand) and to indicate dog to go around behind legs. dog came round and sat without being asked

Verbal cue: said heel when dog sat

Treats: gave new toy afterwards

Distance: dog put into sit stay 3-4 m away then called over

Duration: –

Distraction: none


Date: 10 May 2017

Location: garden

Hand signal: lure dog with treat in hand. not consistent with empty hand need to lure

Verbal cue:  heel when sits at end. once sitting will lay down next to handler on verbal cue alone

Treats: lured with treat then treat at end when sitting

Distance:from dog sitting 2-3m away

Duration: –

Distraction: low, outside garden

**when 4/5 correct luring, next try to guide without treat in hand, then just point to back of legs and dog follows thru rest himself


Date: 9 May 2017

Location: Kitchen

Hand signal: lure with treat into position

Verbal cue: saying nothing, then heel once sat in side position of handler

Treats: lure with treat and at end

Distance: dog 1m in front

Duration: –

Distraction:  none




Hand signal:

Verbal cue:







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