sit stay

Dog asked to sit (raise hand) then stay (hand palm-out in stop position). Remain in position until told command ‘free’ ‘here’ etc to break the stay.

Next steps:

  • practice going through the door when its not first time he’s going out so less excited, use treats to reward staying while I go through first.
  • longer stays 1sec at a time,5 sec+. Inside, then garden, then driveway, then pavement/woods.


Date: 2 august 2017.

Leo’s stay has become awful so going back to basics to build it up again and make it a more rewarded task. Sit command is good when he knows treats are on the cards. Practice getting him to stay and build up to 13 sec again. Also practice moving around him with him staying still. Once inside, go to garden, then driveway.

Location: lounge

Hand signal: palm

Verbal cue: stay (repeated)

Treat rewards: kibble, return to dog to treat

Distance: 3-4m or around to his side

Duration: up to 6 sec walking away in straight line. 2 sec moving round to the side and him not turning or getting up.

Distraction: low


Date: 26 June 2017

Location: out walking on pavements in quiet housing estate. Stopping to sit at every pavement edge before crossing the road, Stop at rail crossing gate and sit before I go through first.

Hand signal: hand up sit.

Verbal cue: stop! then sit. then lets go to cross the road.

Treat rewards: HVT hot dog

Distance: close 1-2m

Duration:sit for 1-2 sec short as new location then build up to longer wait 3 sec, 4 sec etc

Distraction: medium. people, kids, in distance. smells.


Date; 20 May 2017

Location: lounge

Hand signal: palm

Verbal cue: stay (repeated)

Treat rewards: HVT at end, return to dog to treat

Distance: 3-4m

Duration: got up to 13 sec.

Distraction: low


Date: 18 May

Location:  daycare door

Hand signal: AM. sit hand and stay palm. PM only stay palm

Verbal cue: sit and stay

Treat rewards: chicken am, dry fish pm

Distance: >1m

Duration: 2 sec

Distraction: high-med. Extra excited at daycare in AM, too excited to sit at outer door. Sat at inner door but wouldnt stay. PM would sit and stay briefly at outer door before leaving and I went through first


Date: 12 May 2017

Location: kitchen back door

Hand signal: stay palm

Verbal cue: sit then stay (with stay hand signal)

Treat rewards: allowed to run outside thru door after

Distance: he sat and stayed for me to go round him and go outside. sat for 4-5 sec then called him to go through

Duration: 4-5sec

Distraction:  low


Date: 11 May 2017

Location: daycare

Hand signal: signal to sit, then stay while opened door

Verbal cue: sit then staaaay

Treat rewards: opened door for him to go through after i had stepped over threshold

Distance: next to me, waited for me to step over threshold but not fully

Duration: 5sec

Distraction:  med-high excited to go through door, other dog barking and smells at daycare


Date: 8 May 2017

Location: Living room

Hand signal: keep hand out for duration of stay

Verbal cue: repeat cue every 2 sec

Treat rewards: at end (return to dog to treat)

Distance: 4m

Duration: 5sec

Distraction:  bob on spot




Hand signal:

Verbal cue:

Treat rewards:


Duration: 5sec




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