get sassy

Flicks back paws on the ground in scratching action (usually after pee marking on a walk). Hand signal will be hand on hip?

Need to capture naturally happening on walks with clicker. Keep clicking on walks ..

Date:20 May 2017

Location: woods walk

Hand signal:-

Verbal cue: clicked. didnt offer action but did continue for longer when clicked and sometimes looked up for treats

Treats: HVT

Distance: varies

Duration: –

Distraction: med


Date: 17  may

Location: woods walk, wet after heavy rain

Hand signal:-

Verbal cue: clicker

Treats: HVT but ignored!

Distance: distracted, only did once or twice and didnt look up for treats even! and didnt offer for longer like normal


Distraction: high..too many new rainy smells? too distracted.


Date: 15 May 2017

Location: woods walk.

Hand signal: –

Verbal cue: just clicker at moment. captured 5-6. he is looking back at me after flicking and then flicking his legs again for another treat sometimes. One time, he flicked when he hadn’t pee’d and looked at me! try to get more offering of the flicks on next walks this week

Treats: HVT chicken or sausage when clicked

Distance: close  to me, 1-2 m

Duration: –

Distraction: low-med


Date:14 May 2017

Location: woods walk

Hand signal: none (think of one?)

Verbal cue: none yet (will be get sassy)

Treats: chicken after clicked.  Captured behaviour 4-5 times. Started looking at me and scratching for longer when he’s doing it in anticipation of repeated clicks

Distance: 1-2m away

Duration: –

Distraction: low-Med depending on smells


Date: 10  May 2017

Location: woods walk. started clicking each time leo flicks his feet to mark the ground after peeing

Hand signal: –

Verbal cue:  just clicker

Treats: HVT

Distance: close by me 1-2 m

Duration: –

Distraction: low




Hand signal:

Verbal cue:







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